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Does Kahlua need to be refrigerated?

A few questions on this topic, please: (already read about the 4 year recommendation)

1) After opening, does Kahlua need to be refrigerated?

2) If a bottle was opened and refrigerated, can it be taken out of the refrigerator and consumed at a later date?

3) If a bottle was opened, refrigerated, taken out for a period of 6 months, put in the refrigerator, and then used and put back in the refrigerator, can the product be left out of the refrigerator for a period of 6 months before the next usage?

Thank you for your time,

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  • Hi JD,
    Kahlúa is best served chilled, why we recommend keeping it in the fridge.
    It could be stored in fridge or stored in a cool and dry location either opened or unopened.

    It is still best within 4 years from production date.

    Best regards

    Sara Edin Brand Expert & Executive Assistant
  • Any word yet on getting your caps fixed? Once you open the bottle the cap wont screw back on. My local liquor store owner just happened to have some extra wine corks and gave them to me for free. I used them to cap the Kahlua.

    R Jones
  • L0336FJ0936 is the code on my bottle of Kahlua. Please translate it for me.

  • Hello anyone there??

  • Please get back to me on the bottles I have with the metal lids that I had bought for a dinner party for my husbands boss and 4 other couples It wasn't used except for two drinks I made one before dinner for someone, later my husband made a drink for someone not knowing the first bottle had been open. I bought there bottles for $ 17.98 and I am now out the money because of the caps. I could of at least saved the Kahlua if the caps worked . I'm sending you the numbers off the bottles L4031FJ07:36 and the second bottle is L4031FJO7:35 both with the same bar code of 89540 12271 I had tried to return these to the store over the Security Theft Caps.I was told that it was the metal caps. I didn't save my receipt so they don't give a refund without one. There was no reason for me to save the receipt.
    Will you please get back to me. Thank you for your time, .

    Debra Brown
  • I no longer buy this product. This company is disgusting. I have found absolutely no way to contact anyone from this company and they apparently don't bother to reply to anyone here. This company is dead to me as far as I'm concerned. I'd suggest everyone else do the same and never buy again.

  • Kahlua today in the USA might NEED o be refrigerated considering all the changes made... It didn't used to need to be kept in the fridge, as every bartender knows, since it has always been served on the rocks - straight or in cocktails... had more alcohol and cane sugar.
    ...unless you drink shots; I've never heard of anybody who would even think of trying that. Then again, whatever flies your kite!

  • This forum used to get answers right away, everybody seems to be on vacation.

  • I still buy Kahlua, but I now have been making my own. Still has rum but I make with 190% proof Everclear.

    sue f
  • I have an unopened bottle of Kahlua especial, LF060JF, 1554 is is still safe to open and drink?

  • I am sorry but I don't know what these numbers and letters mean! How long have you had Let me know the answer this bottle? I make homemade Kahlua and friends of mine that I have given it to do it both ways. There is no right or wrong after 30 days! What I would suggest is to get ahold of the Makers of Kahlua and ask them that question! Good luck! Let me know the answer of what they said!

    susan fermenich
  • Sorry but since there is the ingred for homemade Kahlua is mostly sugar, water, coffee and booze there is no set time limited on it to drink it. Bailey's has milk so it needs to be drunk faster. Kahlua is like most spirits that can be stored for longer periods of time. Still check with Kahlua makers.

    susan fermenich
  • The best way I use Kahlua is with Milk and top it off with Coke. It called a Colorado BullDog! YUM!

    susan fermenich

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