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Kahlua gift set

do you guys possibly have any of the gift sets still available, the box with a bag of coffee and a bottle of Kahlua, if you could please email me back or call @407-847-9979, it would be deeply appreciated ,sincerely Paul

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  • why is it you guys don't have a phone # listed

  • Hi Paul,
    thank you for your interest in Kahúa.

    For legal reasons we are not allowed to send any promotional items to our consumer and fans directly unfortunately. The only way is to go to an Kahlúa sponsored event or when when bars/clubs and stores are having local promotions.

    If you let me know what country and state your are in, I can perhaps help you get in contact with a local representative.

    Best regards

    Sara Edin Brand Expert & Executive Assistant
  • Hi Sarah, Thank's so much for getting back to us so quick, to answer your question, we live in Orlando, but feel this item is only a Christmas Item only, but if you know of any store that may carry this , i really would appreciate if you could name the place with phone #, see Sarah, I made a ass out of myself, promising my pain management Doctors nurse, I would get her some more, last year, Christmas time I bought some for her and she went nuts, just loved it, the only reason why I'VE been looking so hard, this nurse treats me like her own son, see with my disability, I have undergone 7 Spinal Surgeries and 30 Abdominal reconstructive surgeries, due to an incisional hernia, I have a hole in my stomach, of course covered with mesh the size of 28cm length wide by 26 cm width widh, and would love , since i opened my big mouth and find some before Christmas, Sincere Thanks Paul

    Paul l Wurm
  • Hi Paul,
    unfortunately we were not able to find any store that have this gift items right now.
    So sorry.
    Best regards

    Sara Edin Brand Expert & Executive Assistant
  • thanks Sarah, well it's getting closer to Christmas, do you think the liquor gift box including your coffee should be arriving in the stores soon, as I stated in my previous letters, I buy these for my pain management nurse and all I can say is they broke the mold after they made her, that's why I treat her so good, see my problem this year is I am about to undergo my 32nd abdominal reconstructive surgery between now and thanks giving and would really love to find her that neat gift pack, only because, me being the realistic person I am, I know every surgery I have just brings me a bit closer to that guy in the sky.I think we all realize the human body is really not suppose to make it through 32 abdominal and 7 spinal surgeries, I found a store that sells your brand and just to make sure she had enough to last her a while, I bought her 20 bags of the assorted coffee, caramel mocha French vanilla, and while looking I came across this old letter, which I totally forgot, so I just thought I would add to her, I'VE never came across a person who loves your brand so much and that's the least I can do for her, after evey procedure when I awake who's looking over me but pat with the biggest smile, so I just thought if this is what makes her happy i'll keep looking, thanks Sarah so much for all your previous help and your help with my new email, have a great thanksgiving,Sincerely

    Paul L Wurm
  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you so much for your interest in Kahlua. The gift set that you are looking for has been discontinued. I am sorry that we cannot locate that particular gift yet why not get your nurse a bottle of Kahlua or the special edition Kahlua Pumpkin or Peppermint Mocha.


  • Im very disappointed that the gifts sets that included the coffee are discontinued, i look forward to it everyyear and its the only way i could get the coffee in a bag. i guess this year ill buy the Frangelica or Baileys. ugh sad

  • Walmart and Sams Club in Cincinnati, ohio has them! Just purchased one for my mom.

    Jesica Campbell

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