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cannot decipher lot code/expiration date based on posted instructions

Hello. My lot code is LE022JF 17:53. I realize that would be Jan 22 but I cannot understand the E for the year code. please help. thanks!
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  • Hi,

    Please provide us with your location and we will have our operations team contact you.

  • My address is 2213 golf Course Dr., Albany, GA, USA, 31721, and my number is 229–291–8345. Thanks, Dave Mullins
    Dave Mullins
  • I have the same issue. Please advise.

    Leah Mullins
  • Hi I would like to know the date as well on my bottle please it is L8078FJ2005
  • To Natalie or any other Kahlua support specialists-
    I responded with your requested info two months ago and never got an answer. Please help me. thanks
  • Hi Dave,

    I have reminded your local market about this request.
    Will get back to you as soon as i hear from them.

  • Hi,  Would like to know expiration date as can't
    figure it out. The numbers on my bottle of
    Kahlua are 3297FJ07:38.
    Thank you.

  • To find out when your bottle of Kahlúa was produced please read the Lot code which is printed on the bottom edge of the label on the backside of the bottle. You will find a code consisting of numbers and letter e.g. L3043FJ 12:01. The code in this example stands 12th of February 2013. The second character in the example “3” indicates the last digit of the year it was produced. The following 3 digits indicate the day in the year (Julian date) and the last 4 digits indicate the time of day.
  • There is no lot code printed on the back label of my bottle of Kahlua. There is a code printed near the neck of the bottle L110900 with 1208 underneath it. What does that mean? So is the production date April 19, 2001 at 12:08 AM? Or is it April 19, 2011 12:08 PM? I believe it was purchased at Aldi in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • "Natalie from KAHLÚA has replied to:

    cannot decipher lot code/expiration date based on posted instructions
    Hi Ggivensjr,

    Most lot codes for the Kahlua plant is stated like this:

    What size is it on the bottle and can you describe the bottle? For example does it have a red ribbon on front of bottle with a little wax button?

    Natalie - Team Malibu"

    Bottle size is 375ML(12.7Fl. OZ.) The bottle dark brown.
    There is red ribbon that starts under the seal just below the screw off cap and goes down front of bottle under the "Imported" red label and under the main Kahlua label (yellow with red KAHLUA). And yes there is brown wax button letter K. On back label there is instructions for making a Kahlua Mudslide and Kahlua White Russian and raised Kahlua is near top of bottle. On underside (bottom) of bottle there is what looks like an anchor but could be double J one flipped right to left and number 40 to right of anchor, 15, 30, 00 the 30 is lower than 15 and 00.

    George E Givens Jr

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