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Casein and gluten

Which of the kahlua products are casein and gluten free?
Are your products that are free of casein and gluten made in a casein free/dairy free facility? How's the caramel color derived?

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  • Hi Diana,
    so sorry for our late reply, are you in the US market?
    I need a little more information to be able to answer your questions.
    Best regards

    Sara E
  • Yes I am in California.

  • Hi Diana,
    thank you for your input.
    Kahlua core products do not contain any Gluten or Caseinates.

    But we do have Kahlua RTD (12.5% abv) and Kahlua DTG (5% abv) which do contain Casenates.

    Best regards

    Sara E
  • I know this seems a little repetitive, but due to severe celiac's desease even a distilled grain alcohol can cause severe reactions; so I just wanted to verify that there is no grain (wheat) distilled alcohol used, also that no barley or monosodium glutamate is used. Please confirm and I am also in the United States; just not in California.

    Thank you

    derek s

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