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I don't know what change Kahlua has made in the sealing process, but it is almost impossible for the average person to open the bottle.  Seems the perforations aren't made correctly.  I actually put my back into spasm trying to open the bottle.  No problem opening the vodka bottle.  Been drinking Kahlua in my paralyzed for years and have only had this problem in the last few months.
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  • Complaining about the same thing, its been close to a year now, HARD TO OPEN THE 40'S!  NOT perforated enough around the cap!

    Karen Grayson
  • Exactly Karen!
    Judy Reynolds
  • This  is the stupidest product I have ever purchased.  There is no indicaition of where to cut the seal.  And even when you go to try to cut it, you need a hacksaw to penetrate the metal seal.

    I am astonished that some one actually did this.

    So, how do I open the bottle please?
    Ron Patterson
  • So true Ron.  Wondering at what point Kahlua addresses this.  Funny that there is no way to contact them.  Are they hiding?
    Judy Reynolds
  • I usually buy the 60's, easy plastic cap because of this.  Maybe thats there strategy!  My husband has to open 40's with pliers!!!!

    Karen Grayson
  • Never thought about pliers.  Tried the wine bottle seal cutter - that didn't work.  Unfortunately my husband can't do it either due to a wrist injury.  It's stupid we have to use anything but a normal twist to open their product.
    Judy Reynolds
  • Only fools or idiots could possibly sell this stupidity.  All it took was for one employee to test it and the problem would have been obvious.
    So, either they are stupid or just do not care.
    And since they refuse to publish a phone number, the answer is obvious.

    My friend owns a Mexican restaurant and refuses to sell Kahlua as it takes too long for his bar tenders to open the bottles and two of them have cut themselves already.
    Ron Patterson
  • Wow Ron!  I hadn't even thought about bars and restaurants.
    I am baffled that Kahlua hasn't addressed this issue.
    Judy Reynolds
  • Hey, problem solved.  Using the hacksaw to cut the seal worked.  But I found an easier solution.,  I went into the garage and got a very large pair of Channel Lock adjustable pliers.  And IF you can hold the bottle tightly enough in one hand, you can open up the pliers to a large setting and by twisting back and forth actually get the cap off.  What could be easier.
    Please note, these fools never respond to suggestions for opening their product.
    Ron Patterson
  • LOL  Extreme measures!   Love your ingenuity.    😉
    Judy Reynolds
  • Hello dear customers,

    Thank you for reaching out to us about this. We are sorry for this problem. We will get back to you in separate emails.

    All the best,
    Team Kahlua
  • Hello Ron & Karen

    I talked to a bartender recently and asked if they had the same problem. He gave me a rational reason. He said it is because of the sugar. Just run the cap end under hot water. I tried it and it worked great!

    Still don't understand why this only began happening a few months ago, but hey.  I can open it myself without a hacksaw or pliers.  😀
    Judy Reynolds
  • OMG, Judy Reynolds! Your method worked like a charm! Thank you!

    Jeannie A.
    Jeannie A
  • You are so welcome!  That bartender knew what he was talking about!  Cheers!
    Judy Reynolds
  • So to test this new premise, I purchased 3 bottles of Kahlua to see it hot water worked.  What I found was under the hot water, the metal sealing could now spin on the glass surface easier.  But the metal seal itself was still extremely difficult to break.  That seal is just too damn strong.
    So I returned the 3 bottles to the market and the manager and also an employee tried to open them. With no success. So they refunded my money.
    Now they can not resell these returned items. So they will go back to the distributor.

    Solution, everyone buy multiple bottles of Kahlua and return them.
    For sure they have not corrected this problem in 6 months
    Maybe these fools will get the message then.
    Ron Patterson
  • Oh so sorry to hear that, Ron. But you are absolutely right, customers shouldn’t have to go to great lengths just to open a product. It’s almost ridiculous!
    Jeannie A.
  • That's too bad Ron.  It worked for me, although it still isn't as easy as other liquor bottles.
    Judy Reynolds
  • Oh, good to know I'm not the only one. I dont drink much and rarely buy but I love my Kahlua. I'll try the hot water idea. Metal does expand when hot. Thank you Judy!
  • Hi Cathi, the hot water idea made sense but did not work very well for me.  I am still using a large pair of pliers. Be careful or you can chip some glass into the bottle.  One would think those fools at Kahlua would address this problem by now.
  • Hi Cathi.  The hot water works great for me.  But I still think there is a problem with the perforations as I really only have the problem with 750ml bottles.
    Judy Reynolds
  • Judy and Ron,
    I'm not sure if I am double posting because I dont see the 1st try. I dont think I mentioned I'm not real techie.

    So what I did was to score the metal lid above the neck band. I then twisted counter clockwise and the cap moved about a centimeter so I knew I was on the right path but couldn't move it further. I then ran the cap under hot water for a minute. I used a thin cotton towel over the cap to help my grip and it came right off.

  • And yes, I have the 750 ML bottle
  • I didn't even try to score it.  Just hot water.  🙂
    Judy Reynolds
  • I didn't realize people have such a problem with this.  I've always had trouble opening some bottles. The seal around a bottle has to be strong to keep it from breaking during shipping. A company can't sell unsealed drinks for sanitary reasons. I just run a metal butter knife over the perforations to make things easy.

    As for the cap not moving, all bottles are sealed under pressure, also for sanitary reasons. Furthermore, the sugar in cream liqueurs like Baileys or Kahlua, as well as many other sweet drinks can crystallize, making bottles nearly impossible to open. Running the entire cap under hot water can fix both problems by dissolving the sugar crystals and minutely expanding the cap to break its seal from the bottle.

    No matter how you look at it, a better sealed bottle is safer for everyone. Given the Covid state of the world, I for one am glad a company is putting the safety of the things we drink first. With such simple ways to get the bottle open, I'm not sure why anyone would have a problem with it (once they know the tricks).

    I think we forget, muscles don't need to be used alone, and we don't need to hurt ourselves proving our strength: we can work smarter not harder. And that goes beyond just opening bottles. That's my opinion anyway.

  • Was going to celebrate my birthday, but the freaking Kahlua bottle could not be opened!!!  I tried the warm water, I tried one of those rubber grippers, I tried hitting it with a knife.  It is absolutely ridiculous.  Agree totally with the post above that asked,(paraphrasing) do they test changes to their product??

    I finally called a niece who can usually figure things out.  She suggested a rubber band around the cap, double it over a few times and Voila! it worked like a charm.
  • I was about to give up, when decided to google how to open Kalua bottle. And I am glad I did.  I used the hot water and then the plyers and it did work.  I had used a couple of knives, a special bottle opener tool and rubber disk and nothing was budging.
  • I just bought a bottle to see if anything has changed.
    In spite of all these negative comments, these fools who sell Kahlua have made no changes.
  • I was stumped, so I saw y'all's comments (with some amusement), and after running the cap under hot tap water it came off without a hitch when using large pliers. This was my first bottle, and it would have been my last without your help.
    What a stupid design!
    Mark W. Dixon

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