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I purchased a 700ml Kahlua bottle quite some time ago. finally got around to finishing it. as i was nearing the last couple of glasses worth. What looks to be mechanicism for a bottle nip fell out into my glass. I don't know when i purchased this bottle. I assume the viscosity of the Khalua and the weight kept them at the bottom of the bottle until the end



  • Hi Simon!
    Thanks for contacting us, unfortunately not under the best circumstance!

    In order for us to get you some help we need to know where you are located, the LOT-code of the bottle, which is located on the back label. Also please provide us with pictures of the bottle, both front and back.

    We will send this intonation to the local affiliate, who will get in touch with further instructions.

    Let us know if we can help with anything else in the meantime.

    Michaela, Kahlúa Global team
  • I purchased was purchsed in either Christchurch or Ashburton in New Zealand. I'm not sure when or where exactly it was. The number printed on the back of the label says L6119FJ0735


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