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Product Demontrator Served Me A COCKROACH

I was served a sample of Kahlua in Spec's Liquor Store 8102 Westheimer, Houston, TX at about noon on Christmas Eve day. I put the cup to my mouth and felt something odd. I looked and there was a COCKROACH in my sample cup.

The demonstrator was not only non apologetic but first she blamed ME and then she refused to give me a bug free sample.

I was going to purchase a bottle of Vanilla Kahlua for myself and some for gifts.

Needless to say your product demontrator not only lost you my business but i have informed all my friends and family of the incident.

I have no idea how a roach got in my sample but serving samples with roaches and having employees who can even pretend to be mortified they served me a bug is terrible business practice.

I am just beside myself. I can not believe she served me a roach and then treated me ugly when i complained
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