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Vegan friendly

There are recent replies from Kahlua stating that it is Vegan friendly, however you have replied to emails elsewhere stating that it is not Vegan friendly due to the possibility of bone char filtering of the sugar

Could you please definitively sort this out and settle on an answer. As it stands your products are currently not considered to be Vegan. You need to know exactly what goes into your own products.

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  • Hi Shane,
    thank you for your question. Good thing to sort this out!
    Here is the reply - NO, there is no bone char filtering of the sugar.

    Best regards

    Sara E
  • Good to know, this did need clarifying. Thank you.

    Now your parent company Pernod Ricard just needs to stop funding bullfighting and Kahlua will be everything that it should be 😀

  • Surely then any drink made by Pernod Ricard would not be considered vegan? As they are supporting bull fighting I refuse to drink any product this company make as a vegan. Vegan isn't just about eating non animal products. Its about boycotting any industry that supports animal exploitation in my eyes.

  • Agreed, Pernod Ricard have lost quite a lot of business due to their support of this obvious barbarity. Very poor ethics as well as public relations/marketing.

  • really pernod ricard support bullfight???!! what a shame! i was about to use kahlua in a christmas vegan recipes workshop but i will no longer. really, we are in the XXI century now!

    isabel santos
  • Is Kahlua in South Africa vegan? Sometimes specific branches deviate and I have seen this with Cadbury chocolates being vegetarian in the UK but not here. Can you confirm?

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